Complete Story About Bangalore Job Seekers (till date) . 

Hello to all Bangalore Job Seekers,

My name is Amresh Pradhan, and I am the sole proprietor or Admin of I manage the whole BJS alone. Bangalore Job Seekers is registered as a Commercial Establishment under the Karnataka Shops and Commercial Establishments Act.1961. Bangalore Job Seekers Logo is also Registered (R) in 2017. For any other legal queries, please reach out to [email protected]. You can find all BJS Authentic Links at: .

Any other websites/groups/pages/blogs etc resembling Bangalore Job Seekers are not related to Bangalore Job Seekers.

Bangalore Job Seekers is often referred to as “BJS”, that doesn’t mean all BJS is Bangalore Job Seekers.

Bangalore Job Seekers was formed by me on 13th of April 2011 as a non profit Facebook group with a motive to help all job seekers to get all and every information about jobs.

I was not providing my views or my review against any company or consultancy or institutions or job openings. I wanted to let job seekers post their query in the group so that they can decide themselves which is correct and which is fake. I was just managing and keeping the group clean and spam free. Some people used to provide job information by copy pasting from other job sites and ask to comment email ids.

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In 2012, BJS got very much popular among the Job Seekers and people started stealing email ids from the group and created their own groups in Facebook. Also, they started using those email ids for spamming, etc.

In order to control spamming, the privacy of BJS was changed to secret, that means only members inside it can view and search the group and add their friends only. And it was not searchable in Facebook.

Therefore many job seekers were unable to join BJS anymore. I refrained from creating a new group at that time because I wanted to stop spamming. This gave other spammers an opportunity to create groups in the name of BJS or Bangalore Job Seekers.

Present day scenario:

Now a days there are more than 100 Facebook Groups or Pages in the name of “Bangalore Job Seekers”.
You can see thousands and lakh’s of members inside such similarly named groups, but they are not Bangalore Job Seekers group. Every one is trying to act as genuine, but it’s advised not to believe them and make a research before you proceed.
Some website/pages/groups are using the name of Bangalore Job Seekers in various ways. Some are using the name of BJS in their websites/groups & blogs to provide paid services, etc.

Which one should you join and which one should you leave?

There are bunch of people who copy the name of Bangalore Job Seekers, it’s Metadata, tagline, etc to confuse people and tell them that they are genuine.

Then, they appended BJS with many suffixes and started providing paid services which is against the motive of Bangalore Job Seekers. Some group also removed the last character ‘S’ from Bangalore Job Seekers and created their website for example bangalorejobteeker or bjstuzz or bjsgub or bjsraining or bjsspy, etc.  But truth always prevails. None of them were success because they just want to spread their name only.

When they created duplicate groups, I was not against them, because people should get information about jobs irrespective from where they get the information. It’s you to decide which is genuine and which is fake. There are some groups who have started training institutes and trying to cheat job Seekers by charging huge fees in the name of quality training which is obviously not.

There are Lakhs of people in such groups which are being fooled in the name of training. Do you think stealing the name of BJS can help you fool the Job Seekers in your way.

BJS was not created in order to monetize over job seekers. BJS will never charge a single penny from any job seekers. BJS charges companies and consultants and recruiters in order to provide job oppertunities for Bangalore Job Seekers.

BJS will never fool job Seekers in the name of quality training from illiterates.

However, BJS has now started a new Facebook group at ( in order to add recruiters as moderators and job seekers simultaneously so that they can directly hire from BJS without any restrictions.

About Bangalore Job Seekers Admin.

I have started recruiting from February 2018, and currently hiring for about 25 companies in parallel . I am now accepting resumes from all job seekers across the nation only through this link only:

Recruiters check my resume database stats and then hire me to fill their job requirements.

I never try to misguide any job seeker and created many blog posts such as ( to guide them the correct path to search a Job. I gave job seekers a platform to report fake entities and blacklist them.

I would suggest you not to believe in some bogus training in the name of BJS and study properly and not suddenly.

If you still believe that I am wrong then you are free to email me about your opinion.

Thanks and Regards,
Amresh Pradhan,
[email protected]
9439308689 (Click on No. to Chat with me)

I will update this document whenever required. Last updated: 18 DEC 2018.

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