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No Privacy Left !!!

Carding - No Privacy Left Today, one of my friend messaged in WhatsApp group saying “Guys, my Axis bank debit card number and CVV number got hacked and deducted 7000rs (plus some change) from my account, keep your card number and CVV safe”. That’s when I got more frustrated, irritated and lot of emotions busted out of me. Immediately, my reply in WhatsApp group was “WTF?? When and how did it happen?? Lodged police complaint??” He said “Yesterday (16th May 2018) around 3-4pm. Also, I have submitted fraudulent form with fraud details and they will investigate”. Along with that he sent a screenshot of that transaction. After looking at it, I did some Googling and figured out the registrar data and it was an International transaction made on My friend was not aware of this transaction until he got an SMS saying, “Transaction declined due to insufficient funds”. So, this was their 2nd attempt!! Just few days back, I have heard about carding. So, I…
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JMeter Interview Questions & Answers

Jmeter Interview Questions

What Is Jmeter? JMeter is one of the Java tools which is used to perform load testing client/server applications. Apache JMeter is open source software, a 100% pure Java desktop application designed to load test functional behavior and measure performance of the application. It was originally designed for testing Web Applications but has since expanded to other test functions. Explain How Jmeter Works? JMeter acts like a group of users sending requests to a target server. It collects response from target server and other statistics which show the performance of the application or server via graphs or tables. Explain Where You Can Use Functions And Variables? Variables and functions can be written into any field of any test component. Mention What Are Regular Expressions In Jmeter? Based on the pattern, regular expression are used to search and manipulate text. JMeter is useful in interpreting forms of r…
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Hadoop Interview Questions & Answers

Hadoop Interview Questions

On What Concept The Hadoop Framework Works? It works on MapReduce, and it is devised by the Google. What Is Mapreduce? Map reduce is an algorithm or concept to process Huge amount of data in a faster way. As per its name you can divide it Map and Reduce. The main MapReduce job usually splits the input data-set into independent chunks. (Big data sets in the multiple small datasets) MapTask: will process these chunks in a completely parallel manner (One node can process one or more chunks).The framework sorts the outputs of the maps. Reduce Task : And the above output will be the input for the reducetasks, produces the final result. Your business logic would be written in the MappedTask and ReducedTask. Typically both the input and the output of the job are stored in a file-system (Not database). The framework takes care of scheduling tasks, monitoring them and re-executes the failed tasks What Is Comput…
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