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Here are the steps by which you can identify yourself whether any Company is genuine or fake?

Here we take example of  “CHR Solutions”.

  1. First Check
  2. Check out Company website:
    Make a Google search for the company website and keep it in your records. Check the website listed in the job opening is same or not. Note: Making a website takes no time now a days and cost low as 500 bucks and getting website link as first on Google in no big deal with SEO (search engine optimization).
    If you found domain to be registered recently then further investigations needed.~Here by making a search we found that the website was 
  3. SCAM: You can also use one simple method, type company name in google search engine and than in front, write Scam, OR Fraud OR  Review. You can find results based on the scamming activities happening with the company.
  4. Check out Company physical Location:
    Next, go to the Contact us section of the website to note down their physical address. i.e. HeadQuarters, Regional offices.~Here we found Indian address as N.A. Chambers – 1 2nd Floor, 3J, 3rd Cross 7th C Main, 3rd Block, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034.
  5. Check out Company Land Line number:
    Try to get a Company LandLine number from the same Contact us page. If there is no way to contact this company over Landline, this may be a red flag that the business is not legitimate.~Here we found the Land Line number as 080.41306980.
  6. Check out the Company or LLP Name registration status:
    Click on  to open the website of Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India.
    Hover-over to MCA Services, and then click on the Link that states “Check LLP Name” under LLP Services group.
    In the first field marked as *Company or LLP Name, enter the full name of the company (as stated in their website) that you want to check and then click on Search.
    Enter the Company name (Don’t try with Short Forms or half names)
    You will be able to check if the company is registered in MCA or not.
    If you get the information like below that particular company is registered by Govt. of India.~After making a search for CHR Solutions we found the following details.
    LLPIN/CIN/1A Ref No: U74900KA2010PTC054997;
    State: Karnataka;
    Registration Date:30/08/2010;
    Company Status: ApprovedNote: Proprietary form of companies, Joint Ventures, etc may or may not be registered in MCA. Registering a company did not take some much now days ,thousand of company’s get registered every day and vanishes in few days when they make good money .
  7. Check the website creation date.
    Company’s website are hosted (put on an internet somewhere on some servers) on so we can find information about the website and that can tell us a lot about a company believe me a loot! There a number of website who keep record of and make us those information accessible, websites like,, , etc

    By searching information about the website we can find following information :
    Company’s name ,address//How old is the website//Domain is registered on what Name//Server name of which they are hosted//Website status//Website created on what date//Website expiry date (website valid till that date though that date can be extended).

    Navigate to and enter the company website in the field provided and click on Go. Then, search for “Created on” in the search results. You can sometimes find the name and information for the person who registered the website, which you may want to use for further research. Determine when the website was created and when it will expire. If it was only created recently and will expire soon, that may point to the website being a temporary cover for a scam.Making a search for , we found that it was created On:17-Jan-2011 15:43:23 UTC
  8. GLASSDOOR Check: You can visit and make a search for the company. You will also get interview reviews, salaries expectations, etc. Other similar websites are: Be smart about the reviews that you read. Reviews can be made up too. The reason for giving the above mentioned multiple sources is so that you can compare reviews and decide for yourself.
  9. CHECK FOR COMPLAINTS : Apart from reviews, you can find complaints of fraud companies by people that have been duped by them on many websites like:
  • Other ways by which you can avoid fake companies:
  1. Review the website’s policy pages:
    Legitimate companies will almost always have terms of use or terms and conditions pages, as well as privacy policy pages. If they do have terms and privacy policies, read through them carefully suspicious sounding language. Also, check if other official webpages are available. Like About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Disclosures, etc.
  2. Use Google to search for the company name. You can locate reviews and other information about the company and whether it’s a scam or not. If you don’t see anything, try the search term: “[company name] scam”, and see if results turn up that way. Although it’s possible to manipulate a positive online presence, bad feedback is harder to hide.
  3. Look for decent content. Phony referral business sites usually don’t have much content on their sites and usually have lots of legitimate company and BBB logos on their site to trick you into trusting them. A ‘big’ tip-off are stock photos or no photos of the company building, employees, or products. Avoid the company if all you see are stock photos of their so-called product, which is one of the easiest way to spot a fake web business!
  4. Consider how the company accepts payments: It’s a red flag when a company’s website says they only accept payments through insecure or shady methods, such as only by paper check or cash. This is because PayPal and other secondary electronic payment providers are often considered the safest method for paying online businesses. Look into payment methods which will allow you to get your money back if things go sour and do not require the release of unnecessary personal information.
  5. Ask friends about their past experiences with the company:  Some of your best review resources are the people you live, work or play with. Take the time to ask your friends and family if they have any experience with the company you are researching, and whether their experience was satisfactory or out of the ordinary.
  6. Check the company’s customer reviews on consumer review platforms: Unlike personal blogs, consumer review platforms reflect the opinion of various customers and usually provide an unfiltered view of a company’s overall reliability. Trustworthy consumer review platforms will not censor reviews in any way and fight hard against the posting of fake reviews.
  7. GOOGLE NEWS: Another great way to find information about a company is Google News. Although it’s not a review site but it gets the job done by allowing you to identify news articles that are relevant to the company you are concerned with. The information includes press releases, financial information, pending litigation etc.
  8. No company offers a JOB through random selection of email.
  9. No company offers a JOB with out resume and respective line of interviews with candidate (Minimum 3 round of interviews)
  10. Make sure you receive email from respective company email system not from Gmail/live/hotmail/ … etc
  11. Even you can cross check that company email is genuine / fake by browsing.
  12. If the company is asking for some money then be careful like in case of lottery they ask for initial payment to do the paper work or Offering job ask register and pay money through Demand Draft (DD) or by a means where money can not be refunded .Then it give you a reason to get suspicious.

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  1. Numiclix Technologies : Some ganganagar Bangalore based people giving the fake letters in the name of closed NUMICLIX technologies.
    Don’t get cheated by them and get into legal trouble.

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