Not every HR executive would be interested in checking your email, if they don’t see these basic things in your email.
1) The email you send should have your CV + Passport size photo attached. Double check if you’ve attached the CV, some people forget to attach the CV, recruiters get loads of emails everyday, they don’t bother to reply back requesting you to resend the email attaching the CV.
2) Always mention the position in the subject line, often recruiters check the subject line & depending on the urgency of the job, they pick the emails. So, if you don’t have the position in the subject line, chances are your email will be checked after the position gets filled.
3) Atleast write something in the email body when sending your CV. Writing “CV attached” or “Any suitable position” in the email body is no good, its like you aren’t serious & just sending the CV with an attitude that if I get the job its okay if not I’m happy staying back home.
4) When emailing the CV mention the source where you got to know about the position from. Not everytime but sometimes, connections help, writing one single line in the email might increase your chances of getting a job.
5) When there’s a interview scheduled for more than 1 day, say some companies have interviews open from Mon To Wed, make sure you drop in from the interview on the first day. There are loads of people applying for a job in UAE, the more you delay the more number of people will be interviewed before you & if they find a suitable candidate, they’ll fill the vacancy & not wait until Wednesday.
6) Do not call the recruiter post 8 PM or before 8 AM, they’re humans, they need some personal time as well. Calling the recruiter late night (after 12 midnight) will only annoy them, don’t do that.

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