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Today, one of my friend messaged in WhatsApp group saying “Guys, my Axis bank debit card number and CVV number got hacked and deducted 7000rs (plus some change) from my account, keep your card number and CVV safe”.

That’s when I got more frustrated, irritated and lot of emotions busted out of me.

Immediately, my reply in WhatsApp group was “WTF?? When and how did it happen?? Lodged police complaint??”

He said “Yesterday (16th May 2018) around 3-4pm. Also, I have submitted fraudulent form with fraud details and they will investigate”.

Along with that he sent a screenshot of that transaction. After looking at it, I did some Googling and figured out the registrar data and it was an International transaction made on

My friend was not aware of this transaction until he got an SMS saying, “Transaction declined due to insufficient funds”. So, this was their 2nd attempt!!

Just few days back, I have heard about carding. So, I could relate and explained the same to my friends in our WhatsApp group.

CardingCarding is a form of credit card fraud in which a stolen credit card is used to charge pre-paid cards. Carding typically involves the holder of the stolen card purchasing store-branded gift cards, which can then be sold to others or used to purchase other goods that can be sold for cash. (source – Google)

I started explaining with my busted emotions on Digital Currency.

Here’s how it went on…

Me: I guess this is Carding, which is happening a lot nowadays. It’s better to block that card and get a new one or it keeps happening.

Friend: I didn’t get any email notification or SMS alert for that fraud transaction.

Me: That’s what is Carding bro, someone will get or hack your card details, change mobile number, email and other stuff then, they will sell those details (the data) for someone. So, the person who hacked or somehow got your details won’t be using this. Instead, they will sell it to some other people. There is 0% possibility of catching them. If we don’t block our card, they will keep on using it. There are many websites which sell these data. Search for ‘Fake card generator’ and you will get thousands of websites. F**k Digital Currency.. I hate it!!

All these wallets, credit cards, crypto currencies are big time scam/fraud.. whatever the f**k you call it.


This is not the first time I am hearing such kind of fraud transactions. I have heard hundreds of them, when you reach out to bank/police, first thing they will ask us to do is block your card and that’s it. Nothing will happen after that. In reverse, they start blaming us as it’s our fault.

All the scenarios I am aware of, no one has got resolution till date. Someone is enjoying our hard earned Money.

I feel someone is watching us. It’s not only about our money, it’s about our privacy!!

Wherever you go, whatever you do. Google is aware of it. It can record our voice, it knows what we want, what we are planning to do, everything man, everything. We’re being watched by someone. one or the other without our knowledge.

For an example: If you search for something you wanted to buy in some website, and the ad (advertisement) of that pops up in some other website you’re browsing.

They know how we think, they know what we gonna do. I am scared man!!

Another example is YouTube: It controls our mind, you go to YouTube to watch something and you end up watching the hell lot of shit. It literally controls our mind.

Let’s also talk positive things about it,

Google is easing our lives: It searches everything, suggests better, basically making our lives easier. Nice, Good Thing!!

Digital Currency: Our father, grandfather faced lot of difficulties to send money to their loved ones, standing in queue with token for hours and the money used to reach after couple of days or so. But, nowadays you can send it within fraction of seconds, even to remote places, paying electricity bills, water bills, etc. what not. Everything’s made easy. You can sit in your bedroom and place an order for things from abroad with couple of clicks. Wonderful!! Isn’t it??

Now, my question arises, WHAT ABOUT OUR PRIVACY??

Privacy, is my biggest question!!

There are many instances:

  1. After couple of years, I went to Hyderabad and was refueling our car. To pay the bill, I have use used my card and got an SMS saying that this is my 3rd visit here, please visit us again. I don’t even remember when was the last time I have been there. Maybe 3-4 years back. But, they knew.
  2. I was looking for case/cover for my mobile in Flipkart, after some time I started getting ads about the case/cover I was looking for, in Facebook and Instagram.
  3. I have a personal loan in some ‘xyz’ bank, which is almost getting closed. Maybe couple of installments left. I started getting calls from different banks asking if I want to take a top up loan as my loan is getting closed in that ‘xyz’ bank. The loan I have taken is from the bank directly, I mean I have visited bank and taken it from there, I have neither registered in any third-party websites or nor visited them. But still, they have my information.

This is scary man. I am scared and worried about our Privacy.

These Search Engines, Digital Currencies and mostly the Artificial Intelligence are dangerous.

All I wanted to say is NO PRIVACY LEFT!!

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