**NOTE : This job is for Bengaluru location and work from home is not allowed**

Requirements and skills for QA role:

Aware of different kinds of testing paradigms : blackbox, penetration, security, api testing etc.
Basics of Database testing
Write Good SQL Queries.Basics Database understanding.
Comfortable with linux. – basic commands – ssh, find, grep, mysql cli, etc
Have knowledge of major tools being used. Namely JIRA, POSTMAN, Cloudwatch, ADB, Logcat, Crashlytics,
Strong analytical skills/problem solving and ability to learn the complexity of systems by asking the right questions.
Very strong communication skills.
Decision Making
Exposure to app testing (Android and iOS) – not only web testing
Ability to debug issues and doing RCA – Person should be able to comprehend the deployment of the system.
Eager to learn things and inquisitiveness
Understanding of STLC and SDLC. How a defect life cycle works.
Person has worked in a fast paced environment preferably startups.
Attention to details
End user perspective
Independent testing – this is very effective