Dear Learning Aspirant
Are you targeting FAANG type of top product based MNC?.

Facebook. Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google

Then pls kindly observe .

1. DSA in leetcode and hacker rank challenges training
2. ⁠After college hrs and
After office hours
6pm to 9pm
3. ⁠Online live
4. ⁠any year of students can join
5. ⁠any branch student can join
And any working professional can join
6. ⁠total 120 challenges… duration : 120 hrs in 45 days…
7. ⁠original price 10k and 70% off… final price is just 3k… just
RS. 25/- for each challenge……

8. ⁠batch start date April 1st

Enquire using below form: