(A) BJS Blacklisted Websites and Blogs: [period (.) has been replaced by [dot] for safety] Last updated on 23rd August 2015.

Website Links:

  1. www [dot] 220jobs [dot] com
  2. www [dot] 123freshersjobs [dot] com
  3. www [dot] alljobs9 [dot] in
  4. www [dot] freshers19 [dot] com
  5. www [dot] latestwalkins [dot] in
  6. www [dot] govt-careers [dot] com
  7. www [dot] topmncfreshersjobs [dot] com
  8. www [dot] topmnccompanyjobs [dot] com
  9. www [dot] nauk-ri [dot] com
  10. www [dot] fresherjobshub [dot] com
  11. www [dot] todaywalkins [dot] com
  12. www [dot] wearejobseekers [dot] com
  13. www [dot] dinamessages [dot] com
  14. www [dot] indianjobtree [dot] com
  15. www [dot] jobwalkinz [dot] com
  16. www [dot] mncjob [dot] net
  17. www [dot] jobsaddas4me [dot] net
  18. www [dot] sourcemasters [dot] co [dot] in
  19. www [dot] gulfjobvacancy [dot] com
  20. www [dot] sarkarinaukrinotice [dot] in
  21. www [dot] todayjobsupdate [dot] in
  22. www [dot] jobs4ubyme [dot] net
  23. www [dot] thoofanjobs [dot] net
  24. www [dot] listentojobs [dot] com
  25. www [dot] jobsspree [dot] com
  26. www [dot] alljobsresults [dot] com
  27. www [dot] walkinsinfo [dot] in
  28. www [dot] govtjobs [dot] allindiajobs [dot] in
  29. www [dot] freshersadda [dot] co [dot] in
  30. www [dot] freshersjobsway [dot] in
  31. www [dot] jobs [dot] fresherswalk [dot] com
  32. www [dot] govtjobrockers [dot] com
  33. www [dot] papajobs [dot] net
  34. www [dot] sarkarijobupdates [dot] in
  35. www [dot] jobsdhaba [dot] com
  36. www [dot] careerlife [dot] in
  37. www [dot] jobsbricks [dot] com
  38. www [dot] infosysindiajobs [dot] com
  39. www [dot] freshersapply [dot] net
  40. www [dot] jobshunting [dot] weebly [dot] com
  41. www [dot] globalparttimejobs [dot] com
  42. www [dot] jobportalindia [dot] com
  43. www [dot] fresherswalkinz [dot] com
  44. jobsbuddies [dot] com
  45. www [dot] talentbag [dot] com

BlogSpot Links:

  1. vids005 [dot] blogspot [dot] in
  2. freshersjobsaadda [dot] blogspot [dot] in
  3. blogsupermovie [dot] blogspot [dot] com
  4. todayshotwalkin [dot] blogspot [dot] in
  5. fastestgrowingcareers.blogspot [dot] in
  6. freshersjunction [dot] blogspot [dot] in  ~~ ALIAS “Reference Available”
  7. jobsfor4all [dot] blogspot [dot] in
  8. fresherstree [dot] blogspot [dot] in
  9. fresherstime360 [dot] blogspot [dot] in
  10. betamjobs [dot] blogspot [dot] in
  11. softwarejobsadda [dot]blogspot [dot] in
  12. jobswithspoon [dot] blogspot [dot] in
  13. itmncjobssinda [dot] blogspot [dot] in
  14. freshersglobe4 [dot] blogspot [dot] in
  15. niitdrive [dot] blogspot [dot] in
  16. ssjobslink [dot] blogspot [dot] com
  17. codecareers [dot] blogspot [dot] in
  18. jobstechs [dot] blogspot [dot] in


(B) BJS BlackListed Facebook Groups and Pages:  [period (.) has been replaced by [dot]for safety]


  1. facebook [dot] com/jobsshunting
  2. facebook [dot] com/freshersjunction
  3. facebook [dot] com/govjobsindia
  4. facebook [dot] com/JobsBricks
  5. facebook [dot] com/infosysindiajobs
  6. facebook [dot] com/todayjobsupdate
  7. facebook [dot] com/GovtNaukriin
  8. facebook [dot] com/SourceMastersJobs
  9. facebook [dot] com/123freshersjobs
  10. facebook [dot] com/freshersjobsaadda
  11. facebook [dot] com/codecareers
  12. facebook [dot] com/GovtNaukriin
  13. facebook [dot] com/dreamjobs123456
  14. facebook [dot] com/solopinedesigns
  15. facebook [dot] com/todayshotwalkin
  16. facebook [dot] com/wearejobseekers.maruthiPrasad
  17. facebook [dot] com/pages/Offer-Page1/801319643318220
  18. facebook [dot] com/pages/Offer-page2/1517658111858180
  19. facebook [dot] com/jobsplanet1
  20. facebook [dot] com/GovtJobNotifications
  21. facebook [dot] com/softwarejobsadda
  22. facebook [dot] com/TalentBag


  1. facebook [dot] com/groups/indianjobsalert
  2. facebook [dot] com/groups/jobshuntingg
  3. facebook [dot] com/groups/allindiafreshersjobs
  4. facebook [dot] com/groups/123freshersjobs
  5. facebook [dot] com/groups/823588387725121/  ~ ALIAS “All JOB SEEKERS”
  6. facebook [dot] com/groups/1474647126191447/    ~ ALIAS “Bangalore Walkins”
  7. facebook [dot] com/groups/367030943482772/    ~ ALIAS “Ameerpet Jobs”

(C) BJS Blacklisted Facebook Pages & Groups MultiPoster websites:  [period (.) has been replaced by [dot]for safety]

  1. www [dot] gaplex [dot] com      ~ ALIAS “Hootsuite”
  2. afmt [dot] tk                          ~ ALIAS “You are awesome”
  3. fb [dot] albegasolutions [dot] com   ~ ALIAS “Group Poster”
  4. vids005 [dot] blogspot [dot] in
  5. botpos [dot] com
  6. poster [dot] itoolspedia [dot] com
  7. Jobs Ibbye

If you have already Liked or Joined any of the above Facebook Pages or Groups, then we suggest you to make a search in this note and Unlike the page/ Leave the group for your safety.  If you want a clean web surfing experience, you can also Block or Report the page/group to Facebook for removal from Facebook.

If you know any such links, feel free to comment those below, so that we can blacklist it. Come lets take a giant step to reduce spamming.

If you feel that any Website/ Link listed above is not a spamming/ phising link, please report to [email protected] for removal request.

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