Online Registration & Services Details

Online Registration & Services Details:

Registration Procedure:
Users need to create a free account either by filling out the Register form available at the top right side of the website. They can then submit a new Listing that are either free or paid ones. The pricing structures are selected when they click on the respective links.

After a user creates a Listing, he/she is then redirected to the payment options.  After the users Listing are approved by an admin, it will appear within 24 hours. Users then can edit the Listing from their account Dashboard. They have the full authority to edit the contents of the listing and update them anytime.

Whenever any Listing is created by any user, we have the right to promote the Listing in our Facebook page and even in the groups, so that the BJS community comes to know about them.

Products offered:

  • Listing:  Anyone can post a listing about any Organisation/ Company/ Business and almost each and every entity that’s active in Bangalore. We at BJS help you to bring it to the notice of our BJS Community, which has a vast influence in Bangalore. Visitors have the right to rate your entity, and give you reviews. We approve the comments and reviews, by bringing it to your notice, by emails, etc.
  • Events:  Discontinued
  • Resumes:  Currently Active at
  • Facebook Group

Pricing Structure for Listing/Events:
The following Pricing Structures may be modified once in a year, and will remain the same through out that year. It gets updated on 13th April every year and elder members may have to follow the new rates only after their current plan expires.

  1. Plan name: Free for 15 Days, Price: FREE.
  2. Plan Name: Basic for 6 Months, Price: Rs 180.00/-
  3. Plan Name: Premium for 1 Year, Price: Rs 365.00/-
  4. Plan Name: Advanced(New): Advanced for 1 year, Price: Rs 1500.00/-

If you have any questions, contact me at +91-9439308689 or mail me at [email protected].

This document was last updated on DECEMBER 12, 2018.