Job Description: Customer Support Executive

Company Name: Dialback Private Limited

Location: Bangalore

Overview: We are seeking a dedicated and experienced Customer Support Executive to join our
team at Dialback Private Limited. The ideal candidate should possess strong communication
skills, customer-centric attitude, and the ability to resolve customer issues promptly and

1. Handle customer complaints, provide appropriate solutions, and offer alternatives within
specified time limits.
2. Manage both inbound and outbound customer interactions effectively.
3. Address customer concerns through email and chat platforms, ensuring timely responses
and resolutions.
4. Demonstrate excellent communication skills to effectively interact with customers and
internal teams.
5. Language proficiency in Hindi, English, and proficiency in one local language is
6. Education qualification of 12th grade or above.
7. Minimum 1+ years of experience in handling customer queries or similar roles.
8. Immediate availability to join the team.

HRGA – Manager