BJS Open Source Program


On Successfully Completing 9 years of Service, Bangalore Job Seekers starts it’s new Open Source Program named as BOSP (BJS Open Source Program), where Coders can learn and contribute to a open source project in . Organization link is

How can I contribute or learn?
Admin will list down the detailed steps of this program and it’s project only after successful enrollment to this program and the best part is completely free but for limited people only. Admin will schedule calls with the team though skype and guide each and every step momentarily.

What are the Pre-requisite for this Program?
1. Basic knowledge on any Language like Core JAVA or JAVA and Selenium Appium, etc.
2. Basic knowledge in PUSH and PULL request using Source tree App.
3. Basic knowledge about Repositories in
4. Laptop with Internet Connectivity and a spare mobile(iOS or Android) with decent OS (Should not be personal).

What to Achieve from this program?
Whether you are a Developer or a Tester, anyone can start Learning as well as start coding and contribute on a Live Project with proper guidance from Admin.

What Projects are available?
Currently we have added few projects and will add more in upcoming days.
1. Website Automation Testing.
2. Mobile App Automation Testing. (Both iOS and Android).
3. API Automation Testing.
4. Flutter App Development. (Future Plans)

Who can Join this Program?
Anyone who has Interest to work on a Live Ongoing Project can join the program and can contribute. They can also showcase this on their Resume which will boost their Experience.

What is the Duration of this program?
This will be a On Going never ending Project, where Admin will keep on adding Modules on Weekends .

Please fill out the program form available only at CLICK HERE in order to make a request and wait for confirmation email from Admin. This form will be accepting requests for a Limited Time. If you are unable to submit the form, wait for 1 week and try the same Link again.

This is a Limited Time Access to all deserving Coders in Bangalore. So Hurry up.

Note: Bangalore Job Seekers never asks any Money from any Job Seeker for any Program. Admin has all the rights to add or remove anybody to the program with adhoc requests.

This Document was last updated on 9th May 2020